Accessibility Controls

Use this page to change your accessibility settings.
The Virtual College accessibility statement can be found here.
Navigation & Visibility
Access Keys On [#] | Off
Access keys allow you to select links and press buttons using only the keyboard. The access key for each link or button is listed after the link in square brackets [ ]. To press an action key, hold down the Alt key (Internet Explorer & Chrome) or Shift and ALT (Firefox) and press the key. If you are using Firefox, then you can also find add-ons to add this functionality across all websites you visit. For more information on mouseless browsing add-ons for Firefox, search on the mozilla site or click here.

High Contrast On | Off
High contrast mode exchanges your default LMS colour scheme for a simple, high contrast one.

Skip Links On | Off
Provides links at the top of the page to jump to sections below.
After you have changed a setting, reload your page in the LMS to see the effect
Text Size
All good web browsers offer the facility to increase the size of text displayed on web sites. Click here to see how to change the text size in your browser. More information on customising your computer for ease of access is provided by the UK charity AbilityNet and can be found here (